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Dear Trader,

ITR, run by ex-miner Dave Booth MSTA CFTe, hits pay dirt on days 1 and 2.

The new Skype Trading Room started as it means to go on in the last 3 days, since we launched, with profits on Wednesday and Thursday, and a loss on Friday.

Here are the EURUSD trade parameters for Wednesday's trade..

  • Entry Break-out Support:      1.0983
  • Stop at or above:                  1.1001  (18 pips)
  • Target (1):                             1.0963  (20 pips)
  • Target (2):                             1.0948  (35 pips)

Once target 1 is met, as it was around midday, we bagged the 20 point profit and moved the stop to breakeven on target 2 (this was then stopped at breakeven).

A 20 point profit at 5 per point would cover your first sub! At 2 per point it would cover the monthly sub!!!

Here are the subscription options ...

MONTHLY - 43.50 pm for the first 2 months, then 87 pm


QUARTERLY - 97 for the first 2 months then 187 pq - SAVE 22%


Here are a few of the comments from the room..

"Well done, David, first target, that is.

Just got back to see target hit- good stuff!

DB: just a quick run through,,, my position 1 had a limit order to close at target 1 ( 20 pips), which it did, the second position hit target 1 and the trailing stop on position 2 (set at target 1 pips.... 20 ) triggered moving the stop automatically ....., position two now runs to hit target 2 or stop out at the trailing stop

Thanks for an interesting morning. Now for some gardening!

2 winners out of 3, exactly as Dave promised ("in excess of 60% win rate"), have a good weekend all.

60% win rate & good profit to loss management sounds good to me"

[11/03/2016 15:47:38] rob.lamb82: Hung on for new highs. Closed out manually. Nice profit. Thanks Dave
[11/03/2016 17:12:23] boatyman44: Thanks Dave, I am very satisfied with results so far. Have a great weekend


Now a few FAQs to tell you more about how this works.


1)  How are the ITR trade levels generated?
It is a combination of levels based on the previous day's price movements

2)  What time are orders placed?
The report is sent out approximately 07:15 GMT and usually the orders are placed by 08:00 GMT

3)  What is the trading method behind this approach?
Once the trade is open the objective is to liquidate some profits at target 1, trail stops at this level and allow the remainder to run to target 2 for additional profits.

4)  Do I need to sit at a screen all day and monitor trades?
No, most brokers have the facility to set orders with a time expiry and trailing stops 


5) What are risk parameters and trade frequency

Risk in pips is usually 35 or less, Wednesday's trade was 18 points (of risk) as you can see above.  Our standard suggestion is to risk between 1% to 4% per trade
split between both parts of the position.


Weekly trade expectancy is not easy to predict;  some weeks we have as many as 8-10 (which I think is a decent average) some weeks as little as 3-4

6) What has been the longer term % of winners

Winners have been in excess of 60% with profits per trade working out at up to 150% of losses. This gives a definite edge.


As I said in my email we now have an offer for founding members which includes the Skype room and starts at 33.50 per month and this will run until Monday 29th February.

We have taken all the risk out of the subscription, but not the market obviously, and you have 30 day to decide if this service is for you.

Just let us know within the first 30 days for a FULL REFUND

Here are the subscription options ...

MONTHLY - 43.50 pm for the first 2 months, then 87 pm


QUARTERLY - 97 for the first 2 months then 187 pq - SAVE 22%


Here is Dave, himself, and I have reduced his KING KONG like proportions, as one of you put it, to a more modest size...

Dave started life working as a miner in Barnsley so he knows all about upward mobility. He is also a dedicated supporter of Barnsley football club.

I have known Dave since 2006 when he attended my Apprentice ship weekend near Heathrow.

Since 2006 Dave has married the love of his life and has discovered a great way to make money in the markets. He calls this new approach ITR - Intraday Trading Range. Dave has been trading successfully for over 12 years so this approach has been well and truly tested. He is also highly qualified...



Dave classifies traders as...

  • Continuing Trend Traders

  • Breakout Traders

  • Range Traders

ITR can be adapted for each style but initially Dave is looking at Range Trades within continuing trends. Currently Dave trades 5 currency pairs and plans to add the DAX and Gold shortly. The plan is to add more markets as the service develops.

I love working with traders who I have worked with in the past. I am 100% sincere when I say I want every client I work with to do well - I love it when it is win-win-win across the board.

I also believe it makes excellent sense to offer solid value! And here is the deal...

  • Dave has developed a short term trading system using a number of currency pairs, with the DAX and Gold to follow as long as the results stand up.

  • Every morning around 07h15 (UK time) Dave will email you with the signals on his preferred five currency pairs.

  • Trades can be placed around 08h00 on a set-and-forget basis.

  • He plans to add further FX pairs going forwards

  • In his trading so far Dave has achieved a hit rate in excess of 60% and a return of up to 150% on the risk taken on each trade (R) giving an excellent overall ratio of risk to reward.

  • Members also get access to a Skype trading room at no extra charge.

  • Quarterly subscriptions available at a discounted price

  • Full 30 day money back guarantee (as usual!)

  • Dave will be available in the Skype room on a regular basis.

Dave is a very personable character and is very happy to spent time with clients in the Skype Room. This is a major feature of this new service.

Support will be via the Skype Trading room with the option to also ask questions via email.

Here are the subscription options...

MONTHLY - 43.50 pm for the first 2 months, then 87 pm


QUARTERLY - 97 for the first 2 months then 187 pq - SAVE 22%


If you have any questions feel free to email me at

or you can ring me on +34 603 580 575

All the best,


Please feel free to share these reports with friends or colleagues

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**What they say about John Piper**

"In life we just plod along living a hand to mouth existence and  all of a sudden some one or something comes into your life and completely changes it for ever, that some one is you and I count myself a very lucky person to be dealing with you. You have given me hope and the courage to earn an enormous amount of cash.
Thanks a million."
Warmest Regards.

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