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The truth of trading - ABCD patterns and Fibonacci Retracements

This is your chance to get into the mind of the market!

I believe this is the first time I have ever promoted a trader who has traded longer than myself!! Full 30 day money-back guarantee as per usual.


Larry Pesavento started trading in 1959, when I was just 6, and he is still going strong today 60 years later!!


Most people barely last 1 year, let alone 60!


I did think maybe it would be better to delay this until after the virus has peaked and lockdowns are a thing of the past. But then I remembered that learning new stuff is good for the brain and keeps us younger. OK, hardly a sure fire cure to the virus but every little bit helps - plus it does give you something to do if "locked down" - as it seems I will be for the next 2 weeks (at least)!


Larry has the distinction of being Tom Hougaard's mentor - Tom is the most successful trader and trades in the biggest size of any trader I know.


Early on, Larry said, in his own words... "...I had this .618, 1.618 and ABCD. Simple, useable, perfect!"


On January 11 1982 Larry walked into the CME as a floor trader and for the next 3 years used his simple perfect techniques and learnt "the truth of trading!"


Now he has written a book setting all this out and it can be yours for a surprisingly small sum. The book is called "THE FLOOR TRADER'S HANDBOOK."


But in this package you do not just get the book, you also get a detailed video, and 6 months of Larry's signals so you can see the theory in action! There is an example of his market updates a little lower down.


Larry has discovered that "Success in financial markets is about finding patterns not seen by the majority and arbitraged away then exploiting that pattern.


This business is about risking one to make three. The only problem is, it's getting harder to do."




It's because your competition has evolved.


Trend following and mean reversion algorithms are competing with statistical arbitrage, ETF rotation systems, sentiment analysis, and, increasingly, deep-learning artificial intelligence to gain an edge exploiting air-pockets in supply and demand and you're in competition with all of them.


And it matters.




Because while you are looking at a market through the lens of a retail trading platform, algorithms designed by the elite hedge funds can look at the same markets as you in multiple dimensions simultaneously, constructing patterns of supply and demand imbalances that it's impossible for a retail trader to see.


In an age of tweets, you've been outmoded.


It's all about patterns. And, this is a problem, because, in 2020, sophisticated algorithms can see things you can't.


Here is a video report Larry sent me on Tuesday 10th March...

Click on the image above to hear Larry set out his trading ideas - as a subscriber you will get plenty like this. On IG you will find this market as US Dollar Basket.


I actually subscribe myself and there are very few newsletters I take on that basis!!


95% of traders are aware of price on the y-axis, time on the x, and of volume associated with a time and price period. Few realize there's a fourth dimension at work in financial markets, but the big players do, and this puts you at a considerable disadvantage.


It's like going to war holding a hammer against an army equipped with an M4 carbine assault rifle.


Today, in a world of ever-increasing complexity, in a world where most of the trading in financial markets is done by computer algorithms, it seems logical to embrace the complexity.


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You might even think you can't compete because you don't have the investment capital required to invest in the same cutting edge technology used by the billion-dollar hedge funds.


But, as a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Larry learned the effective power of using a simple strategy.


There's a scene in Iron Man where Obadiah Stane has gathered Stark Industries' top scientists to recreate the Iron Man suit Tony Stark built while held captured in a cave.


Using all the resources of Stark Industries, they failed.


Obadiah, frustrated, gets in the face of his top scientist and screams, 'Tony Stark built this in a cave with a box of scraps.'


In The Floor Trader's Handbook, Larry is going to show you how to level the playing field between you and the big players.


Like Tony Stark's box of scraps, if you know-how, you can build an edge without having to invest in thousands of dollars of software. This information is hidden right in front of most traders, and they can't see it.


Inside The Floor Trader's Handbook, you'll see the tools Larry uses to generate consistent profits.


You'll see how to combine them with ABCD and Fibonacci retracements to construct an edge.


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In Part One, you'll see why traders struggle to be consistent, and then, with this understanding, you'll see the hidden advantage built into the ABCD system.


In Part Two, Larry reviews ABCD and the four Fibonacci ratios, .618, .786, 1.272, and 1.618 that are the core of his system.


Part Three covers four tools you can use to compete with the big players and their algorithms.


Each of the four tools, when used alone, could be used as a trading system, but their true power comes from the synergy between them, and on page 52, Larry shows you how to combine them.


You'll understand how to calculate the opening swing and how you can use it to build a bias for the rest of the day.


You'll see the importance of combining the time of the day with the expected range of the market you are trading, and on page 63 you'll see how to calculate expected ranges, which will mark the limits of intraday price action over 80% of the time.


You'll learn why shorting an all-time high with the wrong expectation can lead to losses, and how a simple adjustment turns what looks like a suicidal trade into a well-constructed entry with a 3:1 ratio of return on risk.


Part Three discusses the fourth dimension in financial speculation. After reading part three, you'll know what it is, how to use it, and how you can use this information with the other tools to enter at the edges, constructing entries that standard technical indicators can't see.


Part Four covers three price patterns, useable on all timeframes, to indicate shifts in supply and demand. These patterns, like ABCD, are leading indicators, giving you another advantage over other traders who use lagging standard-issue technical indicators.


The Floor Trader's Handbook is Larry's complete system for discretionary trading. Eight tools, easily found, once you know where to look, to build you an edge in the markets of 2020.


To complement the handbook, Larry has recorded a sixty-minute video. You'll learn when to trade, and more importantly, when not to trade, and you'll learn how to use the tools to generate direct market feedback to build an expectation for the next sequence of moves.


The Floor Trader's Handbook and video instruction is 197, but as a valued member of this list we are including a free six month subscription to Larry's excellent newsletter TRADE WHAT YOU SEE.


After that you simply pay 97 every 6 months to continue to receive Larry's trading ideas.


Tap the link below to continue your trading education. You'll be taken to PayPal. Click HERE to sign up.


As a newsletter subscriber, you'll have access to Larry via email as well. He will answer your questions and usually (unless on the road) he will get back to you within a few hours.


The Floor Trader's Handbook is your antidote to complexity, building you an edge in the markets of 2020. Tap here to order.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


All the best,


PS. In this deal you get 60+ years of trading experience condensed into one book! Followed by lots of trades!! I have, in the past, promoted Fibonacci based services but this one is top notch - it is also one of the cheapest! What you might call a winning combination!!

PPS. Larry's service includes regular trading recommendations and videos -

PPPS. Larry has just released a new video on the coronavirus and what may happen now. Sign up now and I will rush this to you.

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