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  • I have said many times that trading is a "life skill" meaning that, once mastered, it can set you up for life. Right now we live in a world where there is a high unemployment rate and in some countries there is talk of a "lost" generation; a generation of students who cannot find work and who are simply drifting. This, after years of education which often cost the parents substantial sums of money. This situation is not acceptable, and one solution can be to teach more useful skills which can immediately be put to use earning a living.
  • Trading is one such skill and now we have four professional traders in our stable we have the ability to teach a wide range of trading tactics. So we are pleased to announce our GRADUATE TRAINING SCHEME.
  • In fact this is available to non-graduates and to those who have just left school and may decide to skip university, in fact to anyone who wishes to enrol - but the concept is motivated by the issues currently faced by graduates. Of course given the freedom that a successful trader enjoys any non-graduate may decide to use that freedom to attend university and pay the costs themselves! Or they may decide to go and live on the beach in Thailand or the Caribbean in a luxury penthouse! But I do not want to give a misleading impression - trading is NOT for everyone and it is by no means an easy option. Many lose money and do not make it!

  • But we know what it takes and have now developed programmes to make it work for you - if you are prepared to work for it! Here are the key features:
  • A comprehensive trader training package developed by four professional traders.
  • The package is based on trading techniques fully tested in the heat of market action.
  • We have identified ten key skills which progressively build up to a winning mind set and these are carefully built into the scheme.
  • These skills are not just relevant to trading but will also set you up for life - it is staggering they are not taught in schools!
  • A competitive pricing structure with an "easy payments" option.
  • Monthly webinars to make sure you are on track.
  • Twice annual seminars base around the trades that day - meaning you will fully understand why we traded those days and the money that should have been made.
  • A clear benchmark of your progress as you can match your results against daily trading results.
  • FAST TRACK option which we call PRO-TRADER! This is aimed at taking you to professional status like Cameron and Andrew within one year. (A key aspect of this is doing you own research!!)
  • Access to an exclusive trading room only for traders on the scheme and selected professional traders.
  • Access to DVDs and video clips from our archive.
  • Scholarships available to high performing students.
  • Possibly of joining our team with a very high reward structure.
  • Over the years we have helped a large number of people and here is feedback two of these have given us"
  • "In life we just plod along living a hand to mouth existence and all of a sudden some one or something comes into your life and completely changes it for ever. That someone is you and I count myself a very lucky person to be dealing with you. You have given me hope and the courage to earn an enormous amount of cash. Thanks a million. Warmest Regards."
  • "I am only part of this group because of working with John. I believe it is only the constant mentorship and advice from professional traders that allowed me to break through. I think this training is essential for those who want to turn pro!" Cameron Malik
  • I mention above the ten key skills. Here is a taste of what we are talking about. Schools traditionally reward success but can punish failure, in one way or another, but this is a very simplistic and misguided strategy. They should reward effort and punish idleness. Whatever task is set you are going to see four broad grouping of results:
  • Those who are able may not try, but will succeed.
  • Those who are able may try and may then do brilliantly.
  • Those who are not able and do not try are liable to fail.
  • Those who are not able may try and may still fail.
  • The real bugbear is that we are far more sensitive to criticism than we gain from praise - just as we remember our trading losses much more than our profits. Think back on your own life and what do you remember, the praise or those occasional pieces of criticism? Of course for some it is not so occasional.
  • But in order to achieve you have to get used to failing, because it is as you fail that you learn, and those experiences are the building blocks of success. So if you don't get out and there and start failing you are unlikely to ever succeed.
  • Or to put this another way - to increase your success rates, increase your failure rate!
  • But if you have been pummelled for your efforts in the past you are far less likely to get out there and do stuff.
  • I think the education system has a lot to answer for but there are other culprits, like our peer groups which can also stifle enterprise. I don't want to write a book here - suffice to say a solid part of the programme is to dissolve such blocks and get people out there doing stuff (that is part of just one of the ten key skills).
  • As we are announcing this now, we are as usual making a launch offer which is 20% off the usual pricing - that offer is good for a limited period only - you also get 15% off by paying up front!

  • USUAL PRICING is as follows:
  • GRADUATE SCHEME - £4997 pa (the scheme is planned as a single year's course but this can be extended as required) or £497 pm
  • PRO-TRADER - £14997 or £1397 pm
  • The 20% discount brings pricing down to:
  • GRADUATE SCHEME - £3997 pa (the scheme is planned as a single year's course but this can be extended as required) or £397 pm
  • PRO-TRADER - £11997 or £997 pm
  • This is going to be a major programme for us going forwards. Please feel free to ask any questions you want and we will send out payment links on request.
  • We can only accept 20 on the GRADUATE scheme at present and 10 on the PRO-TRADER scheme.
  • Please use the contacrt page if you would like any further information from me. I will also be happy to ring you if that would be helpful.
  • Thanks for reading

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