Profit Orientated Mindset

Give me just day of your time, totally at my risk, and learn how to make money in the markets.

  • I would like to meet with you personally (in private) and show you LIVE on Screen the most profitable trading system I have ever seen. By the time we are finished you will be able to trade successfully from then on. But that's just the start!
  • Come along and meet me personally at NO RISK, and if by 11:00 am that day you feel the information we have provided will not make you at least £2500 per month and much more when you want to raise your stakes, then just let me know and... I WILL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND - no questions asked!
  • THE RISK IS ALL MINE - plus you get to keep the free bonuses - more on those later. BUT we only have limited space, we never take more than 35 people at a POM seminar!
  • AND HERE'S THE BEST PART... I will be there for you for a full year after the seminar to help you make the most of this.
  • I hope you are ready for this - life changing events do not come along every day - and within a few weeks I could be showing you in person how to start generating solid and consistent profits.
  • Not only do you get me but you also join a community of successful traders who share money making ideas and strategies. We usually meet up two or three times each year at the POM seminar!
  • Plus you will learn...
  • Five Key Trading Tactics For Radical Change In Your Trading Business.
  • How Successful Traders Create Extreme Trading Advantage.
  • Accumulation Mistakes To Avoid.
  • The Secret Of Self-Development in the Trading Arena.
  • How to Profit From Expert Positioning.
  • Secrets Of The Big Profit Trades.
  • How To Take a Simple System and make it suit YOU.
  • When, where and how to break the rules.
  • How and Why POM works.
  • What happens if you run profits. Answer: MORE PROFITS! We call this the "Running POM".
  • How To make POM even more successful - we call this the "Extreme POM".
  • What Successful Traders Know And Do Differently About 'Price'.
  • The Success Trader's #1 Money Priority.
  • How Successful Traders Make Practical Use Of A Personal Belief System.
  • How Successful Traders Manage Time Differently - Radically Differently!.
  • How Successful Traders Manage Failure.
  • The Ultimate Life Choice Successful Traders can Make.
  • PERSONAL QUESTIONS with John Piper.
  • The vital difference between focusing on Risk and Reward.
  • Leveraging your own dysfunctions rather than fighting those dysfunctions.
  • What all Successful Traders know deep, deep inside – but never publicly discuss.
  • Wotton House

    The beautiful Wotton house where we hold all of our POM seminars.

    To confirm your place, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

    Alternatively feel free to ring me, John Piper, on +34 603 580 575 or email me on and I will return the call, answering any questions you may have.

    So what is the POM System?

    POM stands for Profit Orientated Mindset.

    My big thing is travel and trading gives me the freedom to do just that. With my trusty laptop I have combined my passions for travel and trading in ski resorts, by the side of tropical beaches, from hotels in my favourite cities - Rome and Istanbul, from Greek Islands and even from the Cinque Terre in Italy (if you have not heard of it look it up - fabulous!)

    Anyway, I was touring the Far East early in 2010 (I love England but the winter does get a bit too much), and met up with a group of traders in Ko Samui, a luscious island off the coast of Thailand. After our gruelling days trading in the hot sun we would meet up for some light refreshment in the bars of the island and chat through our trades and how it had gone - war stories if you like!

    This sort of interaction is invaluable and it is something that can be hard to come by. In fact it is one of the key reasons why I started to give seminars in the first place back in the early 1990s.

    POM was born out of that interaction. I consider research essential and any idea that comes my way gets carefully researched and part of this is to systemise the idea so that I can test it both on paper and in the markets themselves.

    I met like-minded traders over there and it was a classic case of 2 + 2 = 11 - in fact probably a lot more. We are experienced traders and it turned out that our expertise fit hand in glove.

    Here are the key features of the system we developed based on results in 2010/2011...

  • Hit rates of up to 80+%
  • Average winner approx. 83% of average loser.
  • Systems trade at 8:00 am and you can then put a stop and a limit in place to see you through the day.
  • Optionally you may wish to tighten your stop at set points.
  • Maximum loss 50 pips.
  • But POM has expanded substantially since then and is now an exclusive trading club. Here is what you get by signing up at £247 pm** NOW.

  • Full access to POM including the POM trading manual.
  • The ADVANCED POM trading manual.
  • All the help we can give you.
  • At least one seminar each year -next one is in the Autumn 2013 - NB: the first seminar is free, subsequent seminars cost £75.
  • DVDs/video clips of all POM seminars, past and future.
  • FTSE Service (Usually £97 pm)
  • The EXCELSIOR service on the Dow (Usually £97 pm)
  • My BIG CALL Service (Usually £67 pm)
  • THE WAY TO TRADE (my best selling book)
  • All of the above.
  • DVDs/video clips of seminars, past and future.
  • 50% Discount if you wish to attend certain seminars
  • FREE access to any new service/product released by me (the only thing this does not include is any third party services we may promote)
  • Now that is quite some package and you get all of this from just £63*** per month, less than £15 per week - as I said, one of our clients made £1360 in just one day recently, here is a copy of that's day's trading:

    POM trading


    and here are his comments:

    "As you can see I opened 4 trades in total and set automatic profit-take levels staggered down to the Magnet level, 3 positions had profited by 8:06 and then I pushed out the profit target on the 4th open trade to the extended target mentioned in your early report of 5861 but got stopped out on that last trade - c'est la vie! £1360 profit still.
    In the last 30 days I've placed just 18 trades, 14 were wins, 2 at breakeven, 2 losses, total £3674 profit - sticking to your advice only. This is something I do briefly before heading into work on a busy full time job. In fact I'm usually still cycling into work at 07:50 and stop and check your advice / place trades on my I-Phone!"

    **Plus initial lump sum - we often have special offers on this, please email for details

    ***NB: The full price is £247 but this includes my BIG CALL service (£67 pm); the FTSE service our new EXCELSIOR service on the Dow and both of these cost £97 per month, if you subscribe to these you are paying £261 making POM free with all the addition benefits thrown in for zilch. Subscription to any of these services reduces the fee of £247 by whatever you now pay!

  • Here are what some of the previous attendees had to say about the seminar.
  • "What a Fantastic POM seminar day on Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, I felt very relaxed, superb presentations from you, a natural with your first presentation."

    "This truly was a most valuable experience for me to meet you in person, and to bring other traders like myself together with similar trading and different trading experiences. I met great people and had very interesting conversations, we all exchanged emails, I feel part of trading family."

    "Most important for me was meeting yourselves and acquiring additional ideas ( confirming existing ideas ) but most important to me is that you care!!!"

    "I feel more energised, and thanks for signing my book of your brilliant "The way to Trade", which has changed me as a person and as a trader for the better. Your book is a must for any trader to stay alive in the markets. I look forward to more future events."

    "Not only did I now have some first hand access to the thought processes/mindset of successful traders but also equally important you care about your ' trading family' (community of traders who subscribe to your services) That is a rare quality and I want to thank you for this!"

    This package is designed to set you up as a successful trader and what is that worth to you?

    As a successful trader you can earn unlimited amounts each year - as the Porsche adverts say the limit is only defined by what you want!

    So what is a package that sets you on the road to success worth? £10,000, £20,000 - maybe more!

    In fact the full price of this package is usually just £1225, BUT SIGN UP NOW FOR JUST £347 DOWN, followed by monthly payments at £247 per month. If you sign up you agree to pay at least twelve of these.

    Plus we have limited space.

    Consider what you will get when we meet and afterwards...
  • A top class trading system with a very high hit rate and the very high hit rate of POM avoids many of the psychological problems that arise when a trader hits too many losses.
  • On-going research including the running POM and the extreme POM both of which are bringing in extra profits at this point.
  • Access to research from your fellow POMers including the OILY and GOLDEN POMs - NB. research is shared at the discretion of the trader who produces the research.
  • Unlimited consultancy and any help you need for as long as you remain a member.
  • A whole day at Wotton House with me.
  • DVDs/video clips of the POM seminars.
  • PLUS the chance to meet fellow traders.
  • PLUS the bonuses - see below ...
  • PLUS you can come to all future POM seminars whilst you stay with the programme.
  • And of course our 100% CAST-IRON money back guarantee - you come to the POM seminar and if you leave before the start of the second session in the morning (scheduled to begin at 11:00) you can claim a full refund! Session One will include a lot of valuable information but will not include full system details. NB. Some choose to waive the guarantee and get the system rules up front but this is entirely your choice.

    To confirm your place, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

    But what have I done in the markets? Well here is a few of the highs and lows...

  • Traded right through the 1987 Crash selling far too many puts!
  • Managed money for two years making money 5 months out of every 6.
  • Made £10,000 in one day trading futures.
  • Made enough in one trade to buy a new Porsche.
  • Traded a large position whilst having a few beers in a bar in Copenhagen.
  • Traded with over $1m.
  • At only one point in my entire career, thankfully, had a panic attack so severe I was reduced to lying on the floor in a cold sweat for 30 minutes.
  • Got Merrill Lynch to refund an entire months commissions, several thousand $s.
  • Got wiped out. (I learnt how to trade the hard way so you don't have to!)
  • Made £20,000 in one month in my first year as a full-time trader.
  • Looking back some of the ways in which I approached markets in the early days can only be described as sheer lunacy!


    One of my hobbies is fast cars, once you understand risk and reward and how to apply that understanding by following the Three Guiding Principles - which we will be discussing a great deal at the seminar, you can indulge yourself with whatever turns you on. Here are a few I have enjoyed in the last few years...

    John Piper's Ferrari That Ferrari 550 looked beautiful but it was a cross between Kate Moss and a tractor - doing 150 mph "agriculturally" is an interesting experience!

    John Piper's Porsche And here is the best car I have ever driven - the Mark I Porsche GT3 - fabulous car.

    John Piper fast cars You may not like cars. You may prefer boats, holidays, exotic property investments, or maybe more serious endeavours - education, paying off the mortgage, perhaps providing for a rosy retirement.

    Well trading can provide all of this. In fact it goes beyond that. To confirm your place simply register now.


    Now those bonuses ... and first the bonuses you get to keep even if you do decide to leave before the beginning of session 2.

    books by John Piper

  • I wrote Financial Cataclsym Now! in 2006 because it was clear to me that markets were at or near major peaks and you will get a free e-copy of this book.
  • In addition I will give a FREE copy of my best selling book THE WAY TO TRADE - the cover is on the left in the above picture. The Way To Trade has been translated into 3 languages and gets rave reviews From Experts Around The World.

    "The Way To Trade is one of the most complete and intelligent books I have yet to encounter in trading literature. John Piper approaches the subject of trading with vast common sense and a wealth of research and trading experience. The author is a natural teacher, which makes reading his book an easy and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend The Way To Trade to anyone who wants to succeed at trading and is willing to do what it takes."
    Adrienne Laris Toghraie, MNLP, MCH, President of Trading on Target

    "In the book you are about to read, John Piper takes you beyond theory. He provides an essential lesson that most never get."
    Dr Alexander Elder, Author of Trading for a Living

    "John Piper's thought-provoking book reflects his individual approach to effective trading in financial markets. Not only is his own success a powerful argument for reading it, but the fact that markets are becoming increasingly volatile and divorced from fundamental values is a powerful reason for ensuring that knowledge is updated as regularly as possible."
    Tony Plummer, Author of Forecasting Financial Markets

    "John Piper's success is based on a combination of a clearly defined strategy, disciplined money management techniques, and the ability to adapt to differing market conditions. This book is essential for investors prepared to look below the surface and profit consistently from market price action."
    Mike Estrey, Investment Strategist

    "Brokers love a trader who is successful over the longer term. John Piper is such a trader and this book explains how and why."
    Charles de Roeper, Berkeley Futures Limited
  • Usually THE WAY TO TRADE costs £39.99, but you get it as a gift from me.

    Before going any further I want to remind you that the POM system and seminar comes with a full money back guarantee. You simply cannot go wrong with nothing to lose. So that is two bonuses, and there is still more to come (we really want you to benefit once you join POM, our philosophy is to give you MORE, much MORE than you would expect!).

    The BIGGEST BONUS of all comes in the form of three additional DVDs...

    You get 2 DVDs of the last two seminars and here are the key points:
  • Professional Trading DVDs taught by a professional trader. These DVDs condense all the knowledge from over 8 years trading the FTSE into two exclusive days held at Wotton House. Most traditional educational courses you buy off the shelf are in most cases taught by failed traders or non traders. It’s a big reason why so many struggle at trading as they are learning strategies and methods taught from failed traders.

    My methods are how the professional traders approach the markets and you may well find this very different to what you have learnt in the past and maybe even controversial. These DVDs strip away all the irrelevant information on trading and focus only on what the professional uses every day to make consistent money out of the FTSE. This is a must for anyone who is serious about trading and has thus far struggled with traditional trading methods. The majority fail at trading because everyone is following the same rules and most of these rules revolve around lagging indicators such as RSI, MACD etc.
  • The Lifestyle trader
  • The professional approach to price action
  • Gap Trading
  • Elliott Waves
  • The ultimate power of systems and strategies
  • Binary Trading
  • Professional trading psychology
  • Risk Control and Money Management
  • The systems outlined in these DVDs, have provided me with the "free lifestyle" that I now lead. I currently live in the Far East lapping up the sun and sea. If I choose to move on all I need is my laptop, internet access, and my strategies. This is one of the many perks of becoming a full time trader.

    Here is a brief video clip from one of our POM seminars.

  • The Final Bonus is the DVD of Bill Adlard's Speech at our seminar earlier in 2011. So far we have only released 25 copies of this valuable video and here is how I described it:

    Bill Adlard is a far sighted individual.Back in 2006 he saw that a number of markets were at key junctures and he took the appropriate action. He converted all his cash into USD getting nearly $2 for every £1! Then he put those $s into a US "bear" fund, which took full advantage of the 50% fall seen by the US market. Result: he made (another) fortune!

    Unsurprising really as... He bought the $ at a key low! He sold the Dow at the top! But the best news is that in April 2011 he spoke to a select group of private investors for 75 minutes and we filmed the event.

    The information in this DVD is extremely valuable and may make a BIG difference to your finances over the next few years. I think it is pretty much guaranteed that we will see new financial crises in coming years and this DVD will help you take the right action.
  • As I said I want you to get much more than you expect and these bonuses are the icing on the cake!

    OK, that's it, no catches, no hidden extras. But I do have to make something clear: This isn't for dreamers or time wasters. I would love you to come on board but this is for people who really want to change their lives and are prepared to make an effort to do just that. I hope that is you and I look forward to working with you.

    To confirm your place, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

    Alternatively feel free to contact me personally. John Piper, on 07747 030772 or email me on and I will happily get back to you.

    All the best, John Piper signature John Piper

    P.S. For further information, please watch the video clip below and see our FAQs

    Q: So why are you sharing this cash generator?
    A: We are betting on one of the biggest cash payouts in the world, the stock market. You joining in doesn’t harm my profit potential at all so why not share it? Plus I have been trading for 25+ years, I'm still passionate about it but I get a bigger kick from helping other traders and seeing them succeed!

    Q: I’m scared of risk - isn’t this risky?
    A: markets do involve risk and you need to control that risk - that is how money is made. The systems I will be teaching you do that all by themselves. But look again at the POM track record - profits far outweigh losses!

    Q: What about tax?
    A: Beauty of this is that’s it's 100% tax-free, it’s classed as betting rather than investment so no capital gains tax applies here, what you bank you keep 100%.

    Q: I don’t want to learn or understand a load of complex charts.
    A: Don’t worry, most people don't. These systems are really simple.

    Q: Can you guarantee I’ll make money?
    A: Making easy money is never guaranteed, but the systems are performing beautifully.

    Q: What if I want to cancel?
    A: Not a problem. Just leave the seminar before 11am for a full, no questions asked refund.

    Q: Can I speak to you if I don’t understand something?
    A: Sure, this is a personal service, just drop me an email and I’ll come straight back to you. Or if it helps I’ll send the answer to everyone so all members benefit. I’m happy to do weekly Q&A sessions as I know some people don’t like to ask questions. This way you’ll learn and make money…

    I'm looking forward to it!

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